Green Lawn Abbey

Update Your Kroger Card!

Help the Abbey just by shopping

Don’t forget-update your Kroger card every year April 1st!!

You can help support the Abbey, simply by shopping for groceries at Kroger. (Click “Read More” for further details!)

Help to support the restoration of historic Green Lawn Abbey without it costing you a thing!

The Kroger Company donates to participating non-profit organization through their Kroger Community Rewards program.  Simply register your Kroger Plus Card with Kroger and have it linked to the Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association #90461. 
Then every time you use your Kroger Plus Card, a small percentage of the cost of your groceries will accrue towards a donation to restore Green Lawn Abbey to its former glory.  It won’t cost you a thing.
Simply visit, click on “Ohio” to sign up for a account or click on “Already enrolled?  Sign In” if you already have an account.  All participants must have a valid online account at to participate.  Then just shop at Kroger’s and know you are helping our all volunteer organization in its efforts to save one of Columbus’ dwindling number of  historic landmarks.
Remember, this will not effect any other benefits associated with your Kroger card or increase the cost of your groceries, so give it try.  Encourage your family and friends to join as well.  No cost to you – a great help to us!
On or after April 1st every year you will need to renew your participation in the program so  we continue receiving credit for use of your Kroger Plus Card.  We’ll help by sending out a reminder or posting it on the web site when it is time to renew.