Green Lawn Abbey

Great Gatsby! Shhh . . . It’s A Speakeasy!

Great Gatsby:  Shhh . . . . It’s a Speakeasy!

June 9, 2012

We always knew our guests were beautiful (at least to us) but in their bow ties and dripping pearls, they never looked better.   The flappers looked “hot” in their boas and the gentlemen cool and elegant in their tuxedos.  There were straw boaters and flasks; fringe, feathers and beaded dresses.   Vintage cars in the porte cochere of  the historic Sells mansion looked right at home.  The original Sells circus posters in the foyer added to the theme of this beautifully restored landmark.

We want to extend our deepest thanks to Fritz and Karina Harding for hospitality.  Also to Fred Pfening for use of the circus poster, the Scioto Model A Ford Club for the stunning autos, to Bill White for costuming, to our re-enactors (Pat Daugherty, Renee Link, Rose Frazier, Kara Prem and Nellie Carstenson) and all our volunteers and members for their hard work.

Now please visit our photo gallery to see pictures of the event. Click on the “2012 Events” in our Photo Gallery link to the right and enjoy viewing all the images.