Green Lawn Abbey

Edith and Mary Kline

Dr Edith C. Kline (1876-1958),

Mary Elizabeth Kline (1884-1973)

Edith C. Kline Womens Medical College of Pennsylvania 1905

Edith Kline, from her graduation photo. Number 7 out of 40 women, at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania.

Edith and Mary Kline were born in Bairdstown,Ohio- Wood county. While much isn’t known about their early lives yet ,it is known that they, along with their brother Oliver were able to get college educations and have long careers. Edith would earn her medical degree at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1905, number 7 out of a class of 40. Mary would first earn a Bachelors of Science degree from Ohio State University in 1913 and then go on to earn her Masters. After interning at the Jewish Medical Hospital in Philadelphia, and being Chief Resident Physician at the Jewish Seaside Home in Atlantic City, Edith would come to Columbus as a Doctor of Internal Medicine and operate a general practice on State Street with her brother. Edith would also be a founding member of the Altrusa International Club in 1918 (another member of note would be Mary Love- then of the F&R Lazarus Tea Room and later the Maramor Restaurant). Even after her retirement, patients insisted on coming to the home that she shared with Mary on 353 S. Drexel Avenue ( the sisters never married and always seemed to live together). Mary would have a long career as a clinical pathologist. While Oliver did not pick the Abbey as his final resting place, Edith and Mary are on the first floor. If I recall correctly, it’s Mary’s name that’s on the bronze door to their crypt,and she must have been the one to purchase it.

Mary Elizabeth Kline cropped 2x

Mary Elizabeth Kline, from her OSU Makio graduation photo. Her caption reads “with love, quietness.”