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Halliday, Albert Osborne

Albert Osborne Halliday
Born 1870
Died 1935
--Vice President of Shoe Company Ill Two Months—
Albert Osborne Halliday, aged 64, vice president of the G. Edwin Smith Shoe Co., died Saturday night at his home, 926 East Broad street. He had been ill two months.
Associated with the company since its organization 36 years as one of the six original founders, Mr. Halliday had been active in its administration until several years ago. He was in charge of production.
Born in Nova Scotia, Mr. Halliday, at the age of 16, went to Lynn, Mass., where he obtained work in the shoe manufacturing plant operated by the father of G. Edwin Smith.

--Close Friendship Starts—
At about the same time he started in the plant, Mr. Smith also started. A close friendship sprang up between the two and after learning the trade they, together with Mr. Smith’s brother, Ernest A. Smith, deceased, and three other men, selected Columbus as a city in which to open their own shoe plant.
Coming to Columbus in April, 1898, the first plant was opened in a one-floor building in North Fifth street, between Spring and Naghten streets.
Later the plant was moved to a building opposite the Central Ohio Paper Co., and the present plant was occupied in 1913.

--Three Founders Dead—
Of the six original founders of the concern, three have died, one returned to the east and Mr. Smith does not know the whereabouts of the other.
Besides his wife, Mrs. Mary F. Halliday, he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Robert P. Hayes, 74 South Cassingham road, and Mrs. Barnitz Ball, 2810 Bryden road, and three grandchildren.
He was a director of the Nisley Shoe Co., retail branch of the G. Edwin Smith Shoe Co., a member and supporter of the Y.M.C.A., member of the Scioto Country club and a former member of the Columbus Country club and the Athletic club.
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