So many projects are either underway or recently finished. Here is a brief update on a number of them.

East Wing Ceiling: It took three months but the east wing, which was the most damaged, has been double primed and painted. It took volunteers three years to complete the 1st floor painting project.

Driveway: An unexpected opportunity arose this summer when the husband of a board member offered his labor to reseal the driveway. While we envision a new driveway someday, this was a blessing to tide us over until then. What was thought to be a 3-bucket job turned into a 16-bucket project as the crack-ridden blacktop soaked up the slurry. Major improvement! Thank you Mark!

Marble Stain: Marsha completed scraping the large stain off the 1st floor foyer. This will do until we raise funds to re-hone the floors. Then the beautiful Tennessee pink marble floors will be ready for another 100 years.

Repaired Ceiling Vents: Jayne and Andy struck again. These hard-working volunteers have now patched the damaged ceiling around the vent holes and built new ventilation screen for both the east and west wings.

Bronze Doors: The 1st floor bronze doors repairs are underway with an expected installation date in November.

2nd Floor Hallway Lights: Yes, we are tired of looking at the dangling bulbs too. It would have been easy to buy new light fixtures, but as preservationists we look to keep the building as original as possible. Taking down the old fixtures was easy enough (George). It took a long time to resurface the light rings (Steven), install new mechanical and electrical parts (Mike), but we could never find new glass globes to fit the 90-year old fixtures. After three years we gave up. We purchased the largest size we could find and made a small adaptation (Jayne & Andy again). The new-old fixtures should be up by spring.

Expanded Plantings: As a part of the plan to enhance the streetscape of the Abbey, this summer Oakland Nursery expanded our existing flower beds with 3 flowering dogwoods, 1 redbud, 32 boxwoods and 38 knockout roses. This is in addition to the hornbeams planted last fall. More yet to come.

Serving on the Columbus Cemetery Association (CCA) Board is William (Bill) Heyer. We are delighted to have Bill on the CCA Board and benefit from his knowledge and leadership skills. Below is a profile of Bill’s many attributes.
William Heyer is an architect with 25 years’ experience building traditional and classical architecture. His experience includes historic renovation, new construction of churches, residences, additions and furniture. Heyer’s knowledge and skills in the classical language for contemporary architecture forms the foundation for his practice.

Heyer is a graduate of the Pratt Institute of New York City and the graduate program of University of Notre Dame. He served on the Columbus Landmarks Board, is a former Board Member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Lake Erie Chapter, and current member of the Bexley Architecture Review.

We are extremely honored and delighted to have such an esteemed professional providing guidance in the effort to save and restore Green Lawn Abbey.

NOTE: The Columbus Cemetery Association (CCA) is the body that legally owns Green Lawn Abbey. It was formed in 1929 and has remained in existence since that time. The Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association is a nonprofit formed in 2008 to raise awareness and appreciation of the Abbey and to raise much needed fund to restore the Abbey and improve the grounds. This article highlights William Heyer, CCA Board Member.

Event Raises $16,000 for Restoration

It’s official – the First Annual Green Lawn Abbey Classic & Exotic Car Show was a huge success! Though rain dampened the scene in the morning, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and fellowship of the day. A great time was had by all, AND the Car Show raised $16,000, which will be used to continue restoration of the majestic Abbey.
A array of vintage and contemporary cars graced the lawn while the majestic Abbey provided a classical and stunning backdrop. Winning Best Of Show went to Dr. James Sinard for his exquisite 1949 Roll Royce Silver Wraith. Taking the People’s Choice Award was John and Carol Rindfuss for their 1955 Sunbeam Alpine. John shared that he drove the Sunbeam when they were dating. Who wouldn’t marry a man with such a stylish red coupe? It won over the crowd.

Losing no time, the Planning Committee has already begun working on 2020. Watch for updates.

Best of Show

People’s Choice

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Please join us in thanking our generous Sponsors and Supporters

Nicholas & Susan Farmer
Phinney Industrial Roofing
Oakland Nursery
Sherwin Williams

Three-C Body Shop
Al Waddell, Remax Metro Plus
Baker Designs, Ltd.
Land Grant Brewing
Seventh Son Brewing
Village Auto Care

Death by Chocolate Buffet

October is a special month at the Abbey. While the Halloween season celebrates ghost and goblins, at the Abbey we celebrate the real lives of some our “residents”. It is our way to honor them and to remember their contribution to the world, or at least our little corner of it.

First, join us on October 12 as we celebrate the legendary magician Howard Thurston.

Howard Thurston was born and raised in Columbus and, although he traveled the world with his huge magic show, he never forgot to return to Columbus at least once a year for a performance for children. During Spirits & Spells, local magicians come to honor Thurston, who many still say is the greatest magician of all times. Since he is the very best in Columbus, we are thrilled to have Carroll Baker back with us. Joining Carroll are Neil Saha and John Harvey.

After the main event, come upstairs for our Death by Chocolate buffet. The magicians will join you upstairs for some up-close magic while you enjoy the buffet and a cold beverage or “spirit”.

No Halloween weekend would be complete without a visit by a few Abbey “residents”. Tales From the Crypt is our longest running and most popular event.

Visiting us this year are:

  • Young Howard Thurston
  • Oda Demorest
  • George Kibler
  • Estella Bostwick
  • Dr. Clyde Hebble
  • Freda Steube

The Abbey is beautiful by candlelight. We hope you will join us on October 25 & 26 for this fun visit with the “otherworld”. Program sells out so don’t delay in getting your tickets!

A donor has come forward to match any new donations between now and the end of the year. They ask the donations NOT be the usual end-of-year donations or money already promised. So if you haven’t donated before or you think you could double your usual EOY donation, this is your opportunity to really make it count! No donation is too small and none is too big! All are appreciated. Donations can be made via website or by check to GLAPA, 300 W Spring St, Unit 904, Columbus, OH 43215.

We are thrilled to announce that Abbey supporters Nicholas and Susan Farmer have pledged to underwrite the cost of restoring one of the Abbey’s gorgeous stained glass windows. The window selected is the left window gracing the first-floor parlor.

We want to thank Nicholas and Susan Farmer for their generous support and lovely gesture.

The companion window is on the right. If you are interested in underwriting restoration of this lovely work of art in whole or part, call Kate Matheny at 614-638-6100. Donations toward the companion window will be matched $1 for every $2 donated by an anonymous donor.

We want to thank our many wonderful supporters helping to restore the beautiful Green Lawn Abbey.

The renaissance continues!

Dear Mr. Thurston,

Howard Thurston (1869-1936)

I remember when I was very young seeing my first magic show. I was totally in awe witnessing the magical effects presented by the magician. This encouraged my curiosity, leading me to study and start practicing the art of magic. ln my studies I discovered you: Howard Franklin Thurston, world’s greatest magician, Kellar’s successor and owner of the Wonder Show of the Universe! ln these days, John F. Kennedy was our president. our space program was in its infancy. Many daring astronauts like John Glenn and Gus Grissom became American heroes. Although you passed away 15 years before I was born, I wanted to be a great magician, just like you!

When you started your journey into magic you suffered many misfortunes. At times wondering how you would provide enough food to eat, but you persevered. practiced card manipulations for hour upon hour, throughout your life, becoming the true King of Cards! You became my inspiration to practice diligently. You consulted with some of the best minds in magic. As a result, some of the best most mystifying illusions in magic where created. Most of your classic posters illustrated some of these feats. This encouraged me to create my own magic illusion show, on a smaller scale! I thumbed thru magic catalogs for the best possible effects, then pleaded with my mom to write a check to the magic company so I could become an illusionist just like you.

Now I have the opportunity to visit your final resting place. As I write this 83 years after your passing, I still remain your biggest fan.

John Harvey

John Harvey
Lebanon, Indiana

Mother and baby robins, nesting by the Abbey, enjoyed attention during the WOSU birding program.

This spring, WOSU hosted a birding outing at Green Lawn Cemetery and followed it with brunch at the Abbey. Celebrated birding blogger and author, Julie Zickefoose, was on hand signing books and sharing observations on the morning’s experience. WOSU host of All Things Considered Ann Fisher welcomed the group and emceed the program.

L to R GLAPA President Janice Loebbaka, WOSU Host Ann Fisher, and Kate Matheny, Green Lawn Abbey President

While we won’t show you a drawing of the sign underway, we can tell you that these large stone blocks found in the backlot of Columbus Art Memorial inspired us.

There are two reasons why the Abbey has been a “hidden” gem for so long. First, a very tall hedgerow used to block visibility of the Abbey from the street. About 14 years ago, a family member of one of our residents paid to have the hedgerow removed in hopes it would reduce vandalism (and it did – a lot). But the Abbey still resides far back from the street, up on a grassy knoll. Many people drive right by and never notice it. As we get closer to re-opening the Abbey as a working mausoleum, it is important to have some signage. And not just any signage, but something suitable in size and grandeur to the Abbey.

To that end, part of the anonymous donation we received for landscape improvements will be used to create a sign. A couple of our regular volunteers, Jayne and Andy, donated the concrete foundation for the sign. Skilled in construction, they had the foundation dug, they formed the base and had the cement poured. The sign is being constructed by Columbus Art Memorial and Lang Stone and is scheduled to be unveiled in the September time frame.

We are so grateful to our donor who obviously recognizes the importance of this majestic property, historic preservation and beautification of the near south side. And our hats off to Jayne and Andy who labored so hard during the hottest days of July to prepare the foundation.

On Saturday, September 21, the first annual Green Lawn Abbey Classic & Exotic Car Show kicks off, and YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT! Displayed on the Green Lawn Abbey sweeping lawn will be a spectacular array of amazing cars. Stroll the grounds with good friends and car enthusiasts enjoying fabulous foods, classic music and cocktails. High end cars of all vintage will be on display.

And what’s the Classic & Exotic Car Show without an elegant champagne brunch? Not nearly as much fun! Inside the exquisite Abbey will be a private champagne brunch featuring delectable foods and bubbling libations, a silent auction and take a private tour of the building. THIS you won’t want to miss!

All proceeds go towards restoration of Green Lawn Abbey and beautification of the grounds…

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