Dear Mr. Thurston,

Howard Thurston (1869-1936)

I remember when I was very young seeing my first magic show. I was totally in awe witnessing the magical effects presented by the magician. This encouraged my curiosity, leading me to study and start practicing the art of magic. ln my studies I discovered you: Howard Franklin Thurston, world’s greatest magician, Kellar’s successor and owner of the Wonder Show of the Universe! ln these days, John F. Kennedy was our president. our space program was in its infancy. Many daring astronauts like John Glenn and Gus Grissom became American heroes. Although you passed away 15 years before I was born, I wanted to be a great magician, just like you!

When you started your journey into magic you suffered many misfortunes. At times wondering how you would provide enough food to eat, but you persevered. practiced card manipulations for hour upon hour, throughout your life, becoming the true King of Cards! You became my inspiration to practice diligently. You consulted with some of the best minds in magic. As a result, some of the best most mystifying illusions in magic where created. Most of your classic posters illustrated some of these feats. This encouraged me to create my own magic illusion show, on a smaller scale! I thumbed thru magic catalogs for the best possible effects, then pleaded with my mom to write a check to the magic company so I could become an illusionist just like you.

Now I have the opportunity to visit your final resting place. As I write this 83 years after your passing, I still remain your biggest fan.

John Harvey

John Harvey
Lebanon, Indiana

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