The Karb window was collapsing under it’s own weight. Only contact paper was holding the lower part of the window together.

This past summer another of the incredibly beautiful stained-glass windows was restored and returned to grace Green Lawn Abbey. Now back in its original opening, light streams through the stained glass and enlivens the space with dappled color.

Restoration of the window was done at Belmont College in St. Clairsville, Ohio, as a special summer project of the faculty and students enrolled in the historic preservation program.

The window graces the room of Mayor George Karb. Karb figures prominently in the history of Columbus. First elected in 1890 and serving Columbus for five non-consecutive terms, Karb served Columbus as mayor during World War I and the Spanish Influenza outbreak of 1918. He skillfully led the enormous public effort to rebuild Columbus’ river front after the devastating flood of 1913, a redevelopment effort which shaped how our city relates to the Scioto River.

The window restoration project was funded by the Columbus Foundation Historic Preservation Fund. We are deeply grateful for the support given by the Foundation, without which this project simply would not have happened.

With each window restoration, we take one step further in bringing this amazing building back for all to appreciate and to become a cultural asset as well as a viable business.

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