With the help of some of our friends (you!) and matching grant money, we accomplished some major restorations in 2020.

We are elated to report the final stage in the total replacement of the Abbey’s roofs are now complete! Because of the high cost of the flat roof replacement, we expected to have to do the east and west wing in different years. Your generosity along with a Certified Local Government grant (administered by the Ohio History Connection and the Historic Preservation Fund at the Columbus Foundation) allowed us to complete both wings.

Ceiling Replaster:
For decades, a visit to the 2nd floor revealed badly stained or totally missing plaster ceilings. With the completion of the flat roof, Pymer Plastering, a 4th generation craftsman, replastered all the ceilings on the 2nd floor with a new age product that should do well in the Abbey’s unconditioned environment.

Light Fixture Reinstallation:
We are also starting restoration efforts on the 1st floor. Nothing makes more of a difference than lighting. Our thanks to Jayne Vandenburgh and Andy Patterson for their restoration of the real vintage “cake” style light fixtures and George Lekorenos of Alarm One Security for donating the electrical work.

1st Floor Bronze Doors:
The plywood doors are finally gone! The badly battered and beaten doors have been restored to the best of their ability. Unlike the 2nd floor bronze doors, the 1st floor doors were full of punctures. While the doors now open and lock and have their decorative elements restored, the restorers could not remove the scars from puncture holes. Another future project.

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