A Celebration Anew

This past year America – and, yes, the world – has lived through an extraordinary time. Facing immense challenges, our community came together and has come out the other side. Now we must celebrate life, but we need to also remember and honor those who are not.

This Memorial Day we will come together. We will embrace each other. We will honor those no longer with us.

How can you participate?
Join us at the Abbey, Monday, May 31, 11 am to 3 pm. Tour the building and see the “new” restorations. Post a memory of someone special who is no longer. Sponsor an Ohio Proud Flag. Better yet, do all three.

1) Share a Memory | Read Memories »

We invite you to share a memory of someone special to you who has passed. At Green Lawn Abbey, we are the keepers of history. This year, as part of our “virtual” Memorial Day celebration, we encourage you to share a story of a loved one(s) you wish to honor. Was your father, brother or son in the military? Has your family been in Columbus for multiple generations, and you want to honor many ancestors? Are you newer to Columbus and want to use this local opportunity to honor relatives whose final resting place is far away? Share a memory & help Green Lawn Abbey. READ MEMORIES»

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Submit your memory using the form below – your submission will automatically generate a post that we’ll review, approve and publish.

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2) Ohio Proud Field of Flags | Sponsor A Flag

In recognition of the challenges we face today, Green Lawn Abbey is hosting an Ohio Proud Field of Flags. Community spirit and pride in central Ohio is palpable. Sponsor a flag to show your solidarity with neighbors and workers, known and unknown. You may also sponsor a flag to honor the person(s) for whom you shared a story. Our goal is 200 flags. Help us meet that goal. You can also make a contribution to support continued restoration of Green Lawn Abbey. Help us continue the renaissance of this amazing building. Help us meet that goal and sponsor your flag using the form below.

Sponsor Your Flag Form


The classical architecture of Green Lawn Abbey, a beautiful and historic mausoleum, invokes serenity and a sense of timelessness. An array of interment options and services will soon be available for purchase.

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From solemn remembrances to fundraisers, lawn parties and movies under the stars, the Abbey is the setting of meaningful, educational and entertaining programs.

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The Abbey

The Abbey opened for business in 1929 as a “community” mausoleum. Public mausoleums were a new business model for cemeteries.

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We’ve been researching the stories of the Abbey’s ‘residents’ and have interesting facts to share. Explore our database and learn about some of Columbus’s most prominent leaders.

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