Late last year a very generous, yet anonymous, donor bequeathed $20,000 to the Abbey for the sole purposes of improving the Abbey’s streetscape. Along with a $10,500 grant from the Columbus Foundation’s Jeffrey Fund fund and a $2,900 award from the Little Garden Club of Columbus for the same purpose, the front yard is going to change dramatically!
To make the best use of resources and to ensure a landscaping plan that will carry us into the future, landscape architect, Mark A. Schieber, has developed an initial plan. This plan will include new street signage, the addition of new trees, the reutilization of existing trees, grasses and perennials. Since the original design of the Abbey was strongly influenced by famous 16th century architect, Andrea Palladio, the new design will have an Italian or Tuscan influence. Five columnar hornbeams included in the landscape plan were already planted late last fall.
Creation of street signage is an important part of the new streetscape. As the Abbey sits off the road, many visitors drive past the Abbey to Green Lawn Cemetery! Creating signage that fits the size and majesty of the Abbey is no small task. We were fortunate to find our neighbor Columbus Art Memorial has some large granite slabs, very similar to the stone used on the Abbey façade. The new sign is an investment that should last as long as the Abbey itself – forever!

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