A Landmark Year & Ready To Go Forward

Last year, elected amid the pandemic as the new President of the Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association, I was both humbled and terrified. We needed a new president because our lovely leader and founder, Janice Loebbaka, had been injured and needed time to heal. I agreed to be that person. Then to see the Board come together, support each other, and take on the challenge of rethinking programs because of the pandemic was heartwarming and inspiring.

So it is with immense pride that I report that 2020 was an outstanding success! Last year, GLAPA raised a record $23,400!

Ready To Go Forward
This year we’re already working to build on those successes. Field of Flags will again adorn the Abbey lawn on Memorial Day. Education programs will be back. Returning too will be the summer movies, kicking off with To Kill A Mockingbird. Whew!

2021 Goals
Make no mistake. There is still much restoration to do, and we’re on it. Our goals for 2021 are to install stair railings to the 2nd floor, restore more windows, and lay a new and expanded driveway to the building.

Help Us Move Forward
We’re ready to make 2021 another Landmark Year! But we need your help. Make a donation – it’s easy. Buy tickets – they’re not expensive. Bring a friend – it helps expand our base. Donate your time – it’s fun, healthy, and oh so rewarding.

To do any or all, go to www.GreenLawnAbbey.org. You can make a one-time donation, set up a modest monthly charge that fits your budget, volunteer or buy tickets. So we have our goals; make one of the above yours. Then we’ll be Ready To Go Forward!

Shawn Kenney, President

© 2019 Green Lawn Abbey

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