While we won’t show you a drawing of the sign underway, we can tell you that these large stone blocks found in the backlot of Columbus Art Memorial inspired us.

There are two reasons why the Abbey has been a “hidden” gem for so long. First, a very tall hedgerow used to block visibility of the Abbey from the street. About 14 years ago, a family member of one of our residents paid to have the hedgerow removed in hopes it would reduce vandalism (and it did – a lot). But the Abbey still resides far back from the street, up on a grassy knoll. Many people drive right by and never notice it. As we get closer to re-opening the Abbey as a working mausoleum, it is important to have some signage. And not just any signage, but something suitable in size and grandeur to the Abbey.

To that end, part of the anonymous donation we received for landscape improvements will be used to create a sign. A couple of our regular volunteers, Jayne and Andy, donated the concrete foundation for the sign. Skilled in construction, they had the foundation dug, they formed the base and had the cement poured. The sign is being constructed by Columbus Art Memorial and Lang Stone and is scheduled to be unveiled in the September time frame.

We are so grateful to our donor who obviously recognizes the importance of this majestic property, historic preservation and beautification of the near south side. And our hats off to Jayne and Andy who labored so hard during the hottest days of July to prepare the foundation.

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