Pat Lewis passed away almost three years ago. Most people know her from her 42 years of work with Victorian Village, but she also was involved with Green Lawn Abbey. Pat was chosen to serve as the guardian for my only child, Lisa if anything happened to my husband or me. She immediately became so devoted to Lisa and didn’t miss important life events when even many were out of town. Pat spent a great deal of time showing our family around her neighborhood as it was a sense of great pride for her. The photo was taken at the North Market in Columbus (left to right: Lisa, Sherry, Pat, and Ava [Lisa’s daughter] in the stroller who Pat was crazy about too. Ava got a little brother, Kent, who Pat never got to meet but who was at her “Celebration of Life” as a newborn. Pat had a very quiet demeanor but laughed so hard she’d tear up on a regular basis. We miss Pat more than we can express. Every child should have the chance to have an “Aunt Pat” to adore them!

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