Memories of my Mom’s 2 sisters, Ruth and Grace. They were both much older than my mother. My maternal grandmother died before I was born, so they were as close as I had to having a grandmother. They grew up in rural Hocking county and later Vinton county. Their lives could not have been more different. Visiting Aunt Ruth on her farm, while growing up, she always made Sunday supper for us, with a selection of homemade pies and fried chicken. Many times, some of her 7 children would stop by to visit. She never learned to drive a car, and hardly ever left the hill where she lived. Aunt Grace lived in San Francisco, and the summer I turned eight, my family visited her. She showed us all over, including Yosemite Park. She loved to drive, even back to Ohio from California. Later in life, she moved back to Ohio, and would always give what little she had friends and relatives. Both sisters lived long lives; Aunt Ruth 91 & Aunt Grace 95. The attached photo is the three sisters in their younger years.

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