Stained Glass: Henninger’s, a fourth generation family-owned business based in Cleveland has been hired to restore two original stained glass windows on the first floor of the Abbey. These beautiful windows, located opposite the entrance, are the focal point of the parlor.

Last month Henninger’s removed the west window for restoration in their studio. The window will be disassembled, documented, pieces replaced and reconstructed in a new frame and protected from vandalism and weather with an exterior coverant of glass.

This work is made possible with the generous support of Nicholas & Susan Farmer. Restoration of the adjacent window is also planned, however, the design in the center of the window was lost many years ago to vandals. When new artwork is decided upon and the window funded, this second window will also be restored.

1st Floor Doors: Removed last fall, the 1st floor bronze doors are still out for restoration, but we hope they will be re-installed by Memorial Day. This is a major step forward for the aesthetics and functionality of the Abbey. These doors are a major feature of the building. They have been neglected, abused, and vandalized for decades. Now covered with plywood, the restored doors will grace the Abbey once more.

This project is made possible with a donation from the estate of Pat Lewis, Lawrence, Sherry Adelman and the Certified Local Government grant program administered by the Ohio History Connection.

Handrail: We are ecstatic to report that handrails will be installed on the staircases leading to the second floor. So many visitors with mobility issues have not been able to navigate to the 2nd floor for lack of a handrail. With a major donation from Clay & Ethel Hock, a handrail will be on order before the end of the year.

Roof: The flat roofs over the east and west wings have long needed replaced. Prior to the creation of the GLA Preservation Association, roof leaks were repaired by adding a second (or a third or a fourth) layer of roofing without the removal of the previous layers. This year roof replacement will begin! After roofing is complete, replastering of the 2nd floor can begin.

Replacement of both roofs will cost an estimated $110,000 so replacement will need to be phased in one side at a time. Again, this project is possible in part by grants from the Certified Local Government grant program, administered by the Ohio History Connection, and the Historic Preservation Fund of the Columbus Foundation. Further, guidance and support provided by Mike DeCrane, CEO of Phinney Industrial Roofing and Green Lawn Abbey board member, has been invaluable. Thank you Mike!

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