The Abbey has been a beehive of activity. On May 11 was our annual “Spring Cleaning.” Having this wonderful crew made the day so successful and timely. The Abbey looked amazing when we were finished. Many thanks to all these great volunteers!

Remember the large black stain in the 1st floor foyer? That stain is an “accretion” of decades of dirt and minerals that have built up on the floor from before the gable roof was repaired. While we’ve cleaned the marble floor repeatedly, this stain would not budge. Tired of looking at it, Marsha has been painstakingly removing it by scraping a little at a time by hand with hundreds of razor blades. After a month’s work, we can safely say she is slowly winning the battle.

This is also the third and final year of 1st floor ceiling work. Steven, Tamara and Janice have been working since Memorial Day preparing the east wing ceiling and alcove for painting. The east wing has been the most challenging with lots of damaged concrete and rebar showing through. Again we want to acknowledge Sherwin Williams for donating their top-of-the-line exterior masonry paint for the project.

Lastly Jayne and Andy took on a couple of major projects. They volunteered and donated the materials to form the foundation for the new signage that is in the works. Of course, it just had to be the hottest day of the year when they had to do the work.
Next, they had some laminate cut to fill the hole where the stained-glass window in the rear alcove had been broken out. Jayne then trimmed it out to make the laminate blend in as much as possible by “frosting” the glass and adding artificial panes.

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