Green Lawn Abbey

The Abbey

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Green Lawn Abbey rises in splendor, set atop a small hill a pleasant distance from the road.  A large, imposing mausoleum surrounded by a bustling commercial/industrial area, she is truly a misplaced relic from a slower, easier era.  Her magnificent neoclassical temple front is a tribute to other classic designs like the Greek Parthenon.  And, like the Parthenon, Green Lawn Abbey is showing her age.

Once the finest final resting place in Columbus, Ohio, Green Lawn Abbey now appears forgotten and abandoned, commanding only the attention of those who would do her harm.  Many of her beautiful stained glass windows are severely damaged.  Door panels have been punched out with the handles left twisted and mangled.  Rust from security grates stains the walls.  Yet even in her weary state, the Abbey still draws respect from those who would take notice of her presence.

But a new day is dawning for Green Lawn Abbey . . . .

Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association, informally known as the Friends of Green Lawn Abbey, is a non-profit organization formed to ensure the preservation of the Abbey. Activities of the “Friends” include:

  • Working to educate the public about the history of the Abbey by sponsoring programs on the history and architecture of the Abbey and the individuals entombed there.
  • Raising money to support preservation and renovation of the building and restore the beauty of the setting.
  • Welcoming families and descendants of individuals entombed there
  • Working to foster and perpetuate the positive spirit of the many artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders entombed at the Abbey.
  • Returning the Abbey to a position of financial stability and sustainability.

Columbus Landmarks Foundation, an architectural preservation organization, has recognized the Abbey as a building worthy of preservation.  Fortunately the Abbey is mostly structurally sound. Only recently have structural problems begun to appear. In addition, there are many cosmetic and security issues to deal with.  For all the scars she bears, like the ancient ruins of Rome and Greece, she is still a very compelling monument and attracts the interest of all who see her.  Like the Phoenix, she will once again rise from the ashes.

Green Lawn Abbey was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in June 2007 in recognition of her outstanding architectural significance.