We Need $7500 for a Community Garden & Well

Project: Build a community garden to grow vegetables to share with this high need neighborhood and to dig a well to service the garden and the lovely landscape plants

What do we need to do that? $7,500 and lots of energy!

How Can I Help? The garden and well together will cost $7,500. We received a grant for $2,000, which leaves $5,500 we must raise. Please PLEASE help us with a donation. Simply click on the Donate and make your donation. $10. $25. It all helps.

Who are We? We are the Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association, a nonprofit formed in 2008 to restore Green Lawn Abbey, a magnificent historic mausoleum. (Yes, we have dead people, over 500 in fact.)

What is Green Lawn Abbey? The Abbey, as we lovingly call this grand old girl, is a historic mausoleum. Built-in 1929, it sits on 3 acres, much of which is the lawn.

Located near downtown Columbus, the Abbey is in a neighborhood that is home to many impoverished families most of whom are refugees starting a new life.

The building itself is an incredible classical-style building that sits on a rise. There is ample room behind the building that has never been used, and which gets lots of direct sunlight. It’s a perfect spot for a vegetable garden.

Why A Garden? The Abbey is in a high need neighborhood, where the poverty rate is 73% and where there is precious little accessible greenspace. The area is also considered a food desert, meaning places to buy healthy foods are NOT nearby.

In roughly 10 years, our volunteers transformed this large property into a truly lovely place where people enjoy the outdoors and programs. In 2008, there was NO landscaping. Now there are over bushes, trees, and flowers.

Soon there will be vegetables too.

A Well? Yikes, They’re Expensive! The many plantings at the Abbey are beautiful, but in 2020, the water bill topped $2,000. That’s a lot for our small organization. Our dedication to turn the Abbey into a lovely park to be enjoyed by all, and now to produce food for our neighbors, is steadfast. We can do it. We must do it. But we need your help.