Thank You Dad, this year’s memorial won’t be the Same , but I am With You in Spirit.
I Love You….

To my beloved parents Christ & Marie Lekorenos

She was my babysitter but I went to her house well into my teens. Her name was Elma but we all knew her as Spracky. She had a wonderful heart, and a no nonsense approach in keeping me in line. Just what I needed. I am forever grateful that she was a part of my life. (Seated on the left)

Pat Lewis passed away almost three years ago. Most people know her from her 42 years of work with Victorian Village, but she also was involved with Green Lawn Abbey. Pat was chosen to serve as the guardian for my only child, Lisa if anything happened to my husband or me. She immediately became so devoted to Lisa and didn’t miss important life events when even many were out of town. Pat spent a great deal of time showing our family around her neighborhood as it was a sense of great pride for her. The photo was taken at the North Market in Columbus (left to right: Lisa, Sherry, Pat, and Ava [Lisa’s daughter] in the stroller who Pat was crazy about too. Ava got a little brother, Kent, who Pat never got to meet but who was at her “Celebration of Life” as a newborn. Pat had a very quiet demeanor but laughed so hard she’d tear up on a regular basis. We miss Pat more than we can express. Every child should have the chance to have an “Aunt Pat” to adore them!

My beloved best friend and adopted mother passed in 2015

As the researcher for GLA, I owe everything to Susie Kibler Morris and her enthusiasm to share the story of the Kibler family as she was “the last leaf on the vine” as she told me in our first interview in 2013. In her early 90’s at the time, she was still very mentally sharp and very generous with knowledge of not only her parents, but various friends of theirs also in the Abbey and information about parts of Columbus that she lived in. We never met physically, but through phone conversations, emails, and greeting cards I considered her something of a surrogate grandmother to me. Although I’d likely have gotten to the information eventually on my own, she gave me one heck of a head start and a template of how I’d go about researching in the future.

11 years gone, Dad would be 71 years old had he not passed in 2009. My Dad was a storyteller – whether he knew it or not. He loved talking to people and usually didn’t know a stranger. He’d always tell me stories of the Columbus, Oh of his youth and although he did have a habit of “entertaining the truth” somewhat if he couldn’t remember all the details, I listened with relish. I wished I could’ve experienced what he did back then. An avid fisherman, he was most at peace at the side of a lake with at least 3 poles in the water and at least 2 thermoses of coffee. Dad also loved Christmas, and any tree I that I or my siblings decorate will always be compared to what we saw him do even after we were all adults. I miss you, “old man.”

Aunt Peggy, my Dad’s sister, was my favorite Aunt growing up.She always let me spend the night at her house, and we’d watch old movies while having pizza and sodas. She, like my Dad, was a storyteller (with the same habit of “entertaining the truth” to make some things sound better).She just about always had a kind word even for people she disagreed with, and you could feel the love coming from her in waves when it came to family. I still remember her making potato candy for the holidays and it became such a fixture that it didn’t feel like the holidays with Aunt Peggy without it

My wife Ginny Sanderson, who passed away a year and a half ago, loved working on and supporting Green Lawn Abbey. As do I, she loved the history, the stained glass, the architecture and the incredibly wonderful people we meet while working together to preserve this fantastic landmark. Thanks to all who continue to support and preserve the Abbey!

This post is in memory of our dear friend Jeff Glasser. Although he was an excellent professional photographer, he donated his services to the Abbey because we had no money, and he loved what we were doing. Every time we did Tales From the Crypt, he would take the best pictures of our actors in costume. Not an easy feat taking pictures in practically nothing but candlelight, but he became very good at it. And he was such a joy to be around! Some people even though they aren’t flashy or loud, linger in your memory for their kindness and generosity. Jeff is definitely one of those. He is still remembered by so many.

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